endless sunday

From the creators of Chillhop, we introduce to you: Endless Sunday.
A clothing line for a more relaxed everyday life.

Endless Sunday is Chillhop Music’s daughter brand, with the goal to carry over the Chillhop Music atmosphere to new activities and places, helping people make their lives as relaxed as possible.

The idea of a casual Sunday where there is nothing scheduled or planned and where you’re allowed to be as lazy or productive (and everything inbetween) as you want without judgement or responsibilities is a special feeling, and that’s the exact feeling that we want to bring across through the Endless Sunday brand.

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Endless Sunday Clothing

With our apparel we want to give people that relaxed Sunday feeling, no matter where they are or what day of the week it is. Through soft fabrics, casual fits and organic colors we put together a line that helps you feel calm and comfortable whether it’s at work, at home or out and about in nature or the city. We wanted to translate the feeling and atmosphere of Chillhop Music into a cohesive clothing brand, and this is the result. Check out the website for the full line of products and more information.

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