for a more relaxed everyday life

for a more relaxed
everyday life

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Endless Sunday represents a mix of people from all walks of life, the one thing we share is the desire for more time exploring, relaxing, enjoying our hobbies and taking the heaviness out of life once in a while. We stand for people being themselves, and we are dedicated to creating more ease of mind through clothing, music, art and experiences.

ethically produced

Sustainability is not just a tagline. We make sure our products are ethically produced and have as little impact on the environment as possible through the whole supply chain. Our garments are designed with relaxation in mind, and we run limited batches to make sure we don’t have leftover stock.

work, walk, wherever

We make clothing designed to be used wherever, whenever. Made with soft, sustainable fabrics and a relaxed fit, our goal is to make things adaptable to the changeability of city life and a busy schedule.