Tom Woods is a 23-year-old British-American artist and multi-instrumentalist based in Portland, Oregon. He began releasing music on SoundCloud three years ago, drawing inspiration from the ambient and LA beat scenes. With a knack for the piano from an early age, Tom started taking music more seriously around age 18 and was inspired to start composing on Ableton by SoundCloud musicians HOME and Glue70. He has been further influenced by his friends in the local electronic music scene, including Quickly, Quickly and Omari Jazz, as well as electronic music titans such as Bibio, Oneohtrix Point Never, and Tim Hecker.

Tom Woods is releasing “Color of the Darkness” on Endless Sunday, the new sub-label of Chillhop Music. The 2-minute song is a unique blend of folk influences with lofi chill pop. “Color of the Darkness” reflects on the requisite troubles of seasonal change on our moods – particularly in the harsh winter months – with a deeply personal lyricism and ear worm vocal melodies well-suited to chill and indie playlists.

Tom’s music is not only influenced by his personal experiences, but also his surroundings, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. His music is a reflection of his growth and evolution as an artist, and his willingness to explore different genres and styles has allowed him to create a sound that is uniquely his own. With each new release, Tom continues to push his creative boundaries and expand his sonic palette.

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